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Anastasia – A classic and much sought after design, inspired by an Ottoman wood door carving from 18th.Century.  The design is made to appear as carved, highlighting the curves. Towel Weigh 730 grams per square metre.

Standard Colours – Single colour Ivory – the natural washed colour of cotton, Jungle Green, White

Dual colour – Ivory/Taupe, Ruby/Stone, Stone/White, White/Grey


Bonini – This design is formed from raised stripes on one side with the reverse having the effect of carved out stripes.

Standard colours – Taupe, White, Lime Green Ivory, Sahara Ivory


Bonini Chevron – A variation on our Bonini Range with a border of a chevron pattern on each end. In the Ivory and White colours a second colour is introduced in the border but in the base cotton of the weave with the loops all being in either Ivory or White.

Standard colours – Dual Colours  – Ivory/Lime Green, Ivory/Sahara, Ivory/Blue, Ivory/Stone, White/Blue, White/Green, White/Pink

Single Colours – White, Ivory, Ocean Blue, Nile Blue



Chevron  – A classic pattern with a chevron effect

Standard colours – White, Ivory


Circles – Circles made from dots of different colour on a basic ivory or white background.

Standard colours –  Ivory/Stone, Ivory/Taupe




Dots – This design is young, fun and happy! Because of no carving of design towels appear thicker and they are! There are two versions with either small or large dots. Weight 750-760 GSM.

Standard colours – White/Blue, White/Nile Blue, White/Green, White/Ruby Wine, White/Turquoise

Double Faced – With our hand looming techniques and double knotting, we can get contrasting colours on opposite sides of these towels.

Standard colours – White/AspenGold, White/Taupe, Cream/Tea




Eponge -This is a plain towel at the highest weight we produce as standard.

Standard colours – Chocolate Brown – Ivory – White


Eponge Waffle – Variation on the Eponge design with a waffle border.

Standard colours – Baby Blue – Taupe


Hamam – A classic design named after the famous Turkish Baths known as Hamam. This has subtle contrasting colours on each side and a stripe without looped cotton in other contrasting colours. It also has hand tied tassles at each end of the towel. A variation we simply call double-faced Cream/Tea is the same but without the tassles.

Standard colours – Cream/Tea




Honeycomb – A simple but pleasing design with a hexagon pattern like a honeycomb. With dual coloured ones we can put a second colour in a smaller hexagon within the larger one.

Standard Colours – White – Ivory – Pink – Dark Beige – Ash Grey/Cream – Ivory/Sahara – Ruby Wine/White





Laila – This pattern has a two different looks. On the front you can see diagonal tiny carved dots and on the back diagonal tiny diamond shapes raised.

Standard Colours – White – Ivory – Beige – Powder Pink – Baby Blue – Ash Grey/Cream



Leaves – A pattern with large maple leaves depicted on the towel.

Standard Colours – Ivory/Sage – White/Jungle Green




New Spa – A revival of our very first design. Plain towel with striped border at each end and finished with tassels

Standard colours – White or Ivory with stripes in Taupe and Tea – Lime Green and Jungle Green – Grey and Pale Blue – Pale Blue and Coral


Ottoman — Old Ottoman towel design inspired by historical pictures

Standard Colours – White – Pale Yellow



Pasha – A new development of an historic towel panel design.

Standard Colours – Ivory – Lime Green – Beige



Raindrop – As the name suggests a design with a pattern of stylised raindrops.

Standard Colours – White/Navy Blue – White/Sage – White/Stone – White/Grey – Navy/Stone

rain-drop-set-standart- 2


Waffle – A classic towel style with a waffle pattern.

Standard Colours – White – Ivory – Baby Blue – Caramel